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Quality infrared monitoring you can trust.

Contributing to the integrity of all, safeguarding national security.

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Are we fighting an invisible enemy?

Now, the new infrared alert system for the screening of epidemics and viral activity (IRTEAV-FeverFy), allows, through the interpretation of thermal data, the automatic recognition of the febrile state, common in viruses, early identifying suspected cases and preventing viral spread.

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Our services

Monitoring with infrared image (medical thermography with AI assistance) to screen for epidemics and viral activity (IRTEAV), in anticipation of the feverish state.

Innocuous and harmless examination, without the use of radiation or contrast elements, abstaining from physical contact, totally safe.

Public transportation




Why choose FeverFy?

Advanced algorithm, using multiple factors for greater accuracy in the classification of risks of public health problems. Greater safety at work.

Medical and team support with 20 years' experience in the area of Thermology and Thermography for implantation and logistics .

Use of the most current international epidemiological and logistical protocols for the correct installation of the alert system.

You can work in line with results of laboratory tests, medical-hospital and governmental disease control centers.





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